Career: Financial advisor

Steer people's lives.

A career as an Orizal Financial Advisor is both fulfilling and exciting. Become the steward of your client's lives, providing them solutions that cover every possible eventuality.


Your career is about to get a whole lot more exciting / fun / rewarding.

Influence the financial lives that your clients take. Create unbreakable bonds with people, and take care of them throughout your time together. Being a Financial Advisor puts you at the heart of people's lives, offering a profound opportunity to change them for the better. With you at every step of the way is Orizal.

About the role.
About the role.
Who we're looking for
Who we're looking for
Mentorship and help.
Mentorship and help.
Culture at Orizal.
Orizal's office.
Orizal Office shelf with different trophies.
Application requirements
Your career path at Orizal.
Your career path

About the role

A profound opportunity awaits.

As a Financial Advisor, you'll get to command a suite of different offerings that you can tailor to each individual clients' needs. Each case is different, just as each person you'll meet is unique. At the end of the day, you'll follow that one guiding principle: to help improve your client's financial lives for the better.

What will I be doing?

There's never been a better time to be a Financial Advisor. In the confusing yet intertwining world of finance and life, you'll be the guiding light for your clients, offering them the right solutions that can take them further to make their dreams possible.

Meet new people at Orizal
Meet new people
Diagnose and assess needs
Diagnose and assess needs
Answer relevant questions.
Answer any relevant questions
File claims
File claims and more

A new kind of advisor

Here’s who we’re looking for.

We’re looking for people who are passionate to serve other people. Is that you?

Passionate about serving others

Wants to keep learning

Likes to meet new people

Pushes himself/herself to improve

Dislikes routine stuff

Hates cold calling

Times have changed. This role does not require you to do cold calls, hard-sell, or push. We'll show you a better way.
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    Orizal gave me the tools, training and processes to succeed.

    Edison Li
    Edison Li
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    Orizal opened up new possibilities and opportunities for me.

    Dorine Goh
    Dorine Goh

Mentorship and training

You’ll never grow alone.

At Orizal, we’re fully committed to you. With always-available mentorship and advise from industry veterans, we’ve got you covered.

One to one guidance.
One-to-one guidance
Orizal advisor looking at lesson notes.
Improvement lessons
Orizal advisors sharing information.
A family ready to share
  • Speech bubble.

    The way that Orizal approaches financial advisory is really different.

    Annie Lim
    Annie Lim
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    The amount of training and support they offer you is gamechanging.

    Gavin Zheng
    Gavin Zheng


A family ready to help.

We’re a group of financial advisors with a voracious passion for serving people. We believe in solutions; not products. Best of all? We grow together.

Orizal advisors during a fun outing.
A culture of fun
Orizal advisors learning about new solutions.
A culture of learning
Orizal advisors giving information to one another.
A culture of giving
Orizal advisors learning information.
A culture of growth
Orizal advisors sharing information.
A culture like no other
  • Speech bubble.

    The moment you join Orizal, you feel right at home.

    Helmi Hakim
    Helmi Hakim
  • Speech bubble.

    You get an entire family that's ready to share.

    Shaun Acasio
    Shaun Acasio


Full-service. Right in the heart of town.

It’s not just a General Insurance License you’re getting with us. It’s a full squad, ready to help you succeed.

Orizal office building

Conveniently located in Orchard, Orizal’s office is always available for you to meet your clients or get things done.

Orizal office e

We boast a full-team of administrative support that is ready to help you succeed. We’ll be there.

Orizal pantry facilities

Our offices are fully equipped with anything you might need. From hot desks, to a fully stocked pantry - work gets done here.

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    It's underrated how strong Orizal's support system is for get everything you need to succeed.

    Julia Eng
    Julia Eng
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    Orizal offers a sophisticated depth of help that is just unmatched elsewhere. They're with you at every step.

    Michelle Goh
    Michelle Goh


We’ve got it all planned out for you.

We’re all in with you from your first application. Here’s what we’ll do after you sign up.

Application requirements

Last but not least...

We can’t wait to get started. But before we do, please review that you fit the following requirements:

You have to have a minimum of 3 O-level passes. (regulatory requirement)

Although we're flexible, being full-time in this position helps you to focus better. (You can still apply if you want a flexible role)

You are at least 18 years of age.

Meet your Orizal advisor.

At Orizal, you’re working with people who care — people looking to support your journey every step of the way. Start your journey with us now.

  • Orizal IconCarlos Lee

    Carlos Lee


    Never ever give up! The hard work that you put in today will reward you tomorrow.

  • Orizal IconWee Yeap

    Wee Yeap


    “We're more than advisors. We're here to help you go further and get more out of life!”

  • Orizal IconJulia Eng

    Julia Eng

    Senior Financial Services Consultant, Bsc Mktg, CHFC

    The best dream is the one you make a reality.

  • Orizal IconAnnie Lim

    Annie Lim

    Master Financial Services Consultant

    I always ask myself this for every person I meet — what would I do if I were in their shoes?

  • Orizal IconDeniece Oei

    Deniece Oei

    Master Financial Services Consultant

    Always be better than yesterday.

  • Orizal IconGavin Zheng

    Gavin Zheng

    Master Financial Services Consultant,ChFC, IBFA, AEPP

    Helping others understand the nitty gritty details; that's what drives me!

  • Orizal IconEdison Li

    Edison Li

    Financial Services Consultant, AFC, AEPP

    "Clients know me as the Energizer-bunny!"

  • Orizal IconMaurice Ong

    Maurice Ong

    Financial Services Consultant, AEPP

    A passion to serve others beyond financial advisory; that's what drives me forward!

  • Orizal IconGloria Ong

    Gloria Ong

    Executive Financial Services Consultant, IBFA, ChFC, ACCA

    With you every step of the way; that's my approach!

  • Orizal IconHelmi Hakim

    Helmi Hakim

    Senior Financial Services Consultant, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Banking and Wealth Management, Diploma In Accountancy

    Success in this dunya. Success in the akhira. Insya’Allah.

  • Orizal IconShaun Acasio

    Shaun Acasio

    Senior Financial Services Consultant

    Happiness brings SUCCESS more than SUCCESS bringing Happiness. Doing what you love and loving what you do is the "Ultimate CAREER fulfillment". Community Significance is the "Ultimate LIFE achievement.

  • Orizal IconDaniel Toong

    Daniel Toong

    Financial Services Consultant, Ph.D

    Be a creator of circumstances rather than just a creature of circumstances. Be proactive rather than reactive.

  • Orizal IconFlorence Lim

    Florence Lim

    Senior Financial Consultant

    Go with the flow and everything will work out the way you want it to.

  • Orizal IconCaroline Koh

    Caroline Koh

    Financial Services Consultant

    Agility always wins over Ability.

  • Orizal IconClarence Ong

    Clarence Ong

    Senior Financial Services Consultant, Diploma In Financial Services

    The secret to life is finding the right balance to everything you do.

  • Orizal IconAmanda Kee

    Amanda Kee

    Senior Financial Services Consultant, ChFC, Bachelor of Business ( Management)

    Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

  • Orizal IconWayne Chen

    Wayne Chen

    Financial Services Consultant

    The purpose of our lives is to be happy. - Dalai Lama

  • Orizal IconMelyvn Tham

    Melyvn Tham

    Financial Services Manager, ChFC®/S, CLU®/S, AMTC, IBFA, ACLP, IFPAS (Fellow)

    I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. - William Ernest Henley

  • Orizal IconMichelle Goh

    Michelle Goh

    Senior Financial Services Consultant, ChFC®/S, Diploma in Accountancy

    Vision without execution is hallucination.

  • Orizal IconYa Wei Eng

    Ya Wei Eng

    Financial Services Consultant

    It always seems impossible until it is done. - Nelson Mandela

  • Orizal IconDorine Goh

    Dorine Goh

    Senior Financial Services Consultant, AEPP, Diploma in Financial Planning

    Give yourself Permission to be Happy every day.

  • Orizal IconKay Wei Wong

    Kay Wei Wong

    Senior Financial Services Consultant, ChFC®/S, AEPP®, CA (Singapore)

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

  • Orizal IconPeck Cheng Sim

    Peck Cheng Sim

    Senior Financial Services Consultant

    Live a life with passion, so that you know you at least glowed once in your lifetime.

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