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Relationships from the heart, solutions you can trust.

We believe that financial solutions begin not on a sheet of paper, but from putting people first and foremost, before everything else.

A saturated industry obsessed with numbers chasing

The financial industry isn’t just about numbers.

Singaporeans have enjoyed years of financial protection, granted by our successful advisory industry; chock full of people who are smart with finance, and knowledgeable about their craft.

Even after years of being in the financial services industry, we continue to be amazed every day at the tenacity and abilities of advisors to give their all to their clients, and adequately protect or elevate their client’s standing, so that they may live a better, more secured life.

Simply put, there wasn’t enough focus on the human element in the financial services equation.

Because beneath the surface, advisors aren’t just consultants who look at the numbers - they’re people looking after people, in hopes of helping them to live a better life.

Orizal education moment
Orizal education moment

Undoing vendor lock-in with solutions-first advisory

Beyond the lack of focus on the relationship-driven aspect of the advisory industry, we also discovered that many people were frustrated with the lack of options and financial products offered by any one financial services provider.

Advisors were limited by the types of products that they could offer a customer, if they represented one provider, and not the other.

The end result was needless confusion and frustration in the marketplace, that had completely lost sight of what mattered most, the experience of the customer.

Rice transition

That’s when we set out to create an open-platform brand with a focus on solutions, not products...

Rice transition
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That brand is Orizal.

Image of a rice with rays of light emitting from itWhat we do

A people-first advisory

Wherever you go in life, we’ll find the right way to protect and support you there.


Financial success starts with education. Orizal teaches you the essentials to get started.

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Orizal covers an extensive range of advisory solutions that meet your needs.

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Orizal’s network of partners span across different domains that meet your specific goals.

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From the heartbeat of Asia to the region, we're there.

Based in Singapore, Orizal isn’t your traditional advisory firm.

We’ve established strong networks and relationships with our partners from around the region, so as to provide our clients and advisors with access to more options, opportunities and flexibility.

Network of partners

Orizal is the first advisory firm to be granted the rights to assist clients with financial services beyond Singapore, into the region.

Image of a globe where Orizal has presence in

More than just finance

Orizal gives you access to a suite of partners that can enable you to easily get anything done in the region.

For aspiring consultants

Our people, our difference.

At Orizal, we’re always looking for people who are hungry to learn, and passionate to share.

  • Always available mentorship to guide you through the complexities of advisory
  • A wide network of financial services providers and ancillary products (not tied to any one agency)
  • Well-rounded professional and personal development opportunities that take you beyond standard financial consulting
Happy advisors at Orizal.
Happy advisors at Orizal.
Happy advisors at Orizal.
Happy advisors at Orizal.
Image of a rice with rays of light emitting from itOur beliefs

Guided by extraordinary principles

Orizal works on our G.R.A.I.N principles and values: a set of beliefs that guide the way we do everything.


Granular detail

We strive to listen to every little detail and insight to really step in the shoes of our customers and stakeholders, so as to create a service offered by people, for people.


Relationships first

People don’t just buy solutions. They buy solutions backed by people they trust. By putting relationships first, we automatically plant the seeds of trust for generations to come.


Actively giving back

Giving is the highest form of blessing we can undertake in this great cycle of life. We will always look for opportunities to give, only taking what people think we deserve.



Through transparency, openness and a mindset of giving, we are not just financial solutions providers, but guardians of financial health, entrusted between generations.


Nurturing the next

We believe that life is a great harvest. We strive to nurture and facilitate this cycle so that we stand on the shoulders of our forefathers, instead of having to start from scratch.

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