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Why we exist

Achieving financial freedom is like cooking rice.

The pursuit of financial freedom is similar to cooking a bowl of rice. One grain (or one form of protection) simply isn’t enough, and everyone has a preferred style.


Just as there are endless varieties of grains, creating the perfect portfolio requires careful selection of “grains” for your perfect dish.


Financial planning isn’t just about numbers. Your habits, beliefs and lifestyle determine the effectiveness of those “grains”.

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There’s usually no one-sized fits all solution for everyone in financial planning, just customised “tastes” and preferences.


Like rice, financial planning is better done when you have seasoned experts who can advise you on your exact needs.

In the complex financial space...

Grains on a rice bowl
Why we exist

Orizal gives you all the “grains” you need to succeed.

Orizal is a people-first advisory that puts the power of your financial plan in your hands — providing you with only what you need, while not tying you down to any single provider.

  • Education first

    At Orizal, we’re about education first, products second. We’re teachers “disguised” as advisors; helping you to understand your situation for yourself, so you truly know what you need.
  • Needs-based process

    Orizal advisors don’t sell products; we help people like you fulfil your needs, wants, dreams and aspirations with the right solutions that can help you get there.
  • Extensive network

    Finance isn’t all that we do. We’re a global network that empowers your aspirations with the right connections and know-how; while ensuring that your financials are in great shape.
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Financial education

Financial freedom starts with financial education. That’s why we’re all in.

Proper financial education can mean the difference between making the right informed financial decisions, and choosing the right products for your needs. With constant financial education efforts, we’re reimagining how financial advisory is understood.

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Financial education starts here.
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Our process

Needs, not products. Solutions, not numbers.

Instead of diving straight into numbers and products, Orizal consultants work from a needs-first basis, so you get products that you truly need.

For aspiring advisors

Come home to Orizal.

If you’re looking for an extraordinary place to work as an advisor in Singapore, with passionate mentors, round-the-clock support, and professional and personal development that’s miles ahead of your typical advisory firm, you’ve found the right home.

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Aspiring advisors
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For aspiring advisors

Our culture

The Orizal culture is fast-moving, rewarding, and most importantly, focused on creating value for your customer and yourself. Learn more about Life in Orizal now.

Insights during tough times

Thriving despite the pandemic

Orizal talks about how Covid-19 has affected the advisory sector, and the potential we see moving forward.


Just graduated? We want you.

Choose the financial industry as your career choice, and soar with Orizal.

Mid careers

Orizal drives you forward.

Make an immediate impact with a purposeful career at Orizal.

Unemployed / Retrenched

Find the bright light at the end of the tunnel with Orizal.

It’s not the end of the world to be umemployed or retrenched. Learn how Orizal can help you get back up.

Grow your career with Orizal

How can Orizal grow with you?

Join the Orizal family as an advisor, or learn how Orizal can help you meet your financial goals with the grains of success.

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Whether you’re looking to get your financial affairs in order, or you’re looking for a job as a Financial Advisor in Singapore, Orizal can help. Explore more, or get in touch with us to get started.

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