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This is Helmi

Specialize in helping Muslim families plan their finance, the shariah compliant way in Singapore since year 2007, Helmi Hakim is always ready and committed to partner his clients to chart their financial future.

Success in this dunya. Success in the akhira. Insya’Allah.

Helmi Hakim

What clients say about Helmi

Exhaustively covering every little detail at every step, clients rely on Helmi's extensive knowledge and experience in financial advisory to help them understand — and prepare for — life's every challenge.

Muhammad Taufik Bin Rosli

Along with his background in the financial sector, he stands out for the way he explains his vision and goals.

He is, in my opinion, one of the most active Malay Muslims you can find online in Singapore, with a comprehensive blog, fresh Facebook updates, and other resources that are all focused and educated on ISLAMIC FINANCE.

Thank you brother. May Allah SWT bless and protect you. Amen.

Muhammad Taufik Bin Rosli

Muhammad 'Azizul and family

Helmi Hakim is very professional. He is able to simplify and explain complex ideas in detail.

He knows his clients well and will advise accordingly depending on his clients needs and wants.

It’s easy to reach him whenever you have any doubts or questions with regard to the policies that you have signed up for. I highly recommend Helmi Hakim as your financial advisor.

Muhammad 'Azizul and family


Questions stumbled to mind when comes to buying insurance and investment if it's Halal or Haram for us as a Muslim in Singapore. Helmi Hakim "Pop up" during my search in the internet.

He was kind enough to set a meeting with me the next day to clarify/advised me on my doubts by the proper way to do it. The meeting was a fruitful one and he was very detailed and patience in answering my questions. Now I'm more confidence in dealing with my investment and insurance the proper way without worries.

Till our next meeting on my future plans for my family.

Thank you Helmi Hakim!


Muhammad Anis Ani

Helmi Hakim has been my personal financial advisor for close to a decade.

I find Helmi's services excellent. His jovial and relaxed nature accompanied by his meticulousness sets his presentation apart from other financial advisors in the industry.

He is also loyal towards his clients.

I highly recommend Helmi Hakim as your financial advisor!

Muhammad Anis Ani

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