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This is Gloria

Culminating a wide-range of knowledge and repertoire across Retirement Planning, Financial Advisory and Insurance, Gloria applies a holistic approach to financial planning to help clients reach their financial goals the best way possible.

With you every step of the way; that's my approach!

Gloria Ong

What clients say about Gloria

Gloria's style of financial advisory is always focused on the long haul; bringing together tailored combinations of solutions that extensively cover her clients' financial goals and specific needs across their life's journey.

It has been a wonderful and an enriching experiences provided by you, Gloria Ong for the past 15years.

It is great gratitude to Gloria for the professional advices that she had provided and mapped out in our years of Financial Planning that allowed me to retire without any financial worry.

Gloria demonstrated a very high degree of financial knowledge in helping me to manage my portfolio of financial instrument. As I move on to my next stage of life in retirement, it was evidence that I started to reap the financial independency which was what Gloria had professionally mapped out in earlier years.

Once again, thank you Gloria! You are a financial star that will brighten my retired life!

Ngoh Yew Meng, Henri

Regional Sales Manager

I bought my very first saving plan from Gloria 15yrs ago. Since there, she has become my financial adviser for myself and family. She is good. Wise and Sincere are her trademarks.

She is always truthful in her advise on our insurance needs. She is patient and always going extra mile to explain and sort out our doubts on the new product.

I am able to text her each time I have a question or any request on my policies. Her response is always fast without failing us. I am very happy to have her as my financial adviser and also thankful to the friend that recommended Gloria to me.

Thank you, Gloria!

My family and I have benefited from your excellent services and knowledgeable advice all these years. 👍🏻

Elaine Lee

Logistics Executive

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